Dimmable ballast wiring diagram

Grounding a Ballast. Grounding a ballast is very important. Grounding is usually automatic if the light fixture is grounded properly. A ground wire from the power source should be connected to a

light fixture. Description Single-pole & 3-way 300W Dimmable LED, Dimmable Compact Fluorescent (CFL) 600W/VA Incandescent (INC)/Halogen (HAL), Dimmable Fluorescent SPECIFICA AL a ob Name: ob Number: Model Numbers: 3691001a 5 06.06.16 a ® C • L ® Wa ols Wiring Diagrams Single-Pole Wiring 3-Way Wiring 4-Way Wiring Lighting † † ote for 4-Way Wiring:N Dimmer must be installed Description Single pole & 3-Way 300W Dimmable LED/CFLCatalog Number: 600 INC, HAL, FLR, MLV, ELV 120V/AC Design features • Preset feature allows user to return to previous light setting when turning lights ON • Master/Accessory units for multi-location control • Amber LED at bottom of

LED display indicates ON/OFF load status SPECIFICA AL Page ob Name ob Number Model Numbers 369684b 5 10.09.17 Wb ols Wiring Diagrams Single-Pole Wiring 3-Way Wiring 4-Way Wiring Green Neutral The ballast on my kitchen fixture needed to be replaced today. I was quite surprised since the fixture has only been in use about 16 months. The fixture has 4 32W

T-8 tubes, and uses an instant start electronic ballast. Price: $26.28Availability: In stock HUNT PS-600 & PS-627 Dimmer Installation WiringMark 10 Mark 10 Line Mark 10 Ballast (typical) HUNT Dimmer Typical 2-wire Phase-Control Dimmable Ballast (i.e. Advance )Mark 10 Typical 2-Lamp Wiring Diagram Price: $12.75Availability: In stock ORDERING INFORMATION ORDER CODE PACKAGING STYLE PACK QTY. ITEM STATUS KT-LED27HID-EX39-850-D-DP Distributor Pack (Individual Cartons) 16 Quick Ship

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